Ice is something that I love in my tea but not on the ground. Snow is wonderful though but not everyday. This weekend we have had our share of ice. When you are stuck inside, you can think of all the reasons you need for going out which is not a good idea at all.

I remember when Claude and I went skiing the first time. We were on ice. You know how I told you about inappropriate laughter when I am stressed. Well, I had ample opportunity then. We had learned to ski on carpet, not even the same as snow. We were in a condo right by the ski lift but you had to make it across the parking lot to get to the ski lift.

Once in the parking lot, Claude snapped on his skis and away he went, oooooohiinnnng all the way. His voice rose as he went faster and there was only one speed for him, faster. Finally, he was able to ski into a garbage bin, one of the big ones. There just happened to be a snow-ice bank there. With skis over his head and butt up against the bank, I found out he was still alive and relatively okay. Claude is the adventurous one on a parking lot. I almost wet myself laughing. Does that make me a horrible wife?

Having the ice here this weekend brought that pleasant memory back to mind. So we stayed indoors.

Da Juana