Iced tea…..

For me, there is nothing better than iced tea.  No, not the rapper, the drink.  It’s southern I know but I love it so much that I can’t believe they ever threw it into a harbor.  My cup would have been in the water scooping up that rich blend and just maybe I could have gotten the salt out of the water.  Not to say that I don’t agree with the premise behind the Boston Tea Party.  If there, and I might have been, I’d just wish they’d use something else to get attention.More...

My favorite is the old fashioned Lipton Tea.  I brew it in a four-cup coffee pot, pour it into water, add ice and then I drink this elixir of the gods.  After all, it is natural. 

People who visit and drink my tea love it.  There are no tea bags involved.  I like the loose kind.  Generally I have to give my recipe.  Many have bought their own little four-cup coffee makers.

Though I love fruit, I want my tea untouched.  Straight is the way I like it and it goes with anything.  I don’t have to decide whether it goes with beef or fish and change it like fine wine.  All I have to do is sip. 

I keep it made all the time.  Let’s have a glass now.

Da Juana