Icy memories……

This weekend was one of speculation and wonder.  Weathermen all over the place were telling us that we would have an ice event.  And we did but, thankfully, not as bad as they said.  For some it was horrible though. 

I watched as the trees bent under the pressure of the ice but it wasn’t as bad here for us as for others in our neck of the woods.  Memories came back from many years ago (oh, that makes me sound old) when I lived out in the country in Louisiana.  People in the country don’t get electricity turned back on as quickly as city folk.  As a young mother, I was without electricity for days.  Thank goodness we had a double fireplace and made our home in our living room for the week it happened.  But that was far worse than we saw here. 

Ice is such a beautiful substance.  Without it my tea just wouldn’t taste the same.  I like to overload my glass with it and then pour in that wonderful, tasty, brew.  Unlike most southerners, I don’t like sweet tea though.  Tea makes me a strong believer in the Boston tea party.  If someone told me that I couldn’t have it, I think I would be like some dope addict hoarding as much as I could find.  Even now, I’m feeling guilty.  I know I would share. 

The sun came out today and it too made me think.  Though the ice was beautiful and I’m one of those people that like a good, rainy day where I can snuggle in and read, the sun seems to chase all your miseries away.  When it comes smiling out and makes these beautiful trees glisten with their icicle-laden limbs, they look like shimmering Christmas trees.

Da Juana