If this was your last day on earth………

Something I have always spoken with my clients about is the career path they have chosen. I may use all the adverbs to do a very good reading on their work or I may even give them a blow-by-blow detail of how to move up in the ranks. After all, that might be what they pay me for.


If they are happy with their careers, I don’t offer any other advice other than when they might be reaching another level or pay increase, that is unless they ask me to help them get to that next level. Then I offer information about how they can do so. And you might be surprised at some of the corporate leaders that have used my talents in order to position themselves.


That is part of my work and to me is all well and good but the most pleasure I get from this type work is when I help someone realize that work needs to be a delight as well as income. For me, my work is just what the doctor ordered. I love it. But for some not so fortunate, I always use these words to help them realize what would make them happy. I ask: if this was the last day of your life and you knew it but you had to work this whole day, what kind of work would you do? They generally get their answer pretty quickly and it doesn’t take a psychic.


Today, I am asking you if you this same question because I want you to look your life over and become happier. If you are contented, then your health is something you don’t have to worry about and you are nicer to yourself and others. So do yourself this favor and ask yourself this question. If you get an answer you don’t want to hear, start working towards making a better career for yourself even if you have to have more education to do so.


Let’s make this world a better place one person at a time.


Da Juana