Illness seems to come when you least need it to be there.  That’s been the case with me lately.  Guess it was from packing.  Dust and dust mites.  And I keep a clean home.  Really.

We have to move very quickly and I’ve not found another home yet.  So all the stress has piled up giving me a little vacation at night though I don’t get it during the day.  Not only do I have to pack but I also have to work.  You know exactly what I mean.  And on top of it, I’ve got to keep being a homemaker, wife and mother.  We women are good.
Oh, and on top of that, I’ve had a persistent ghost visiting.  He left me a message but I’ve not had time to call the recipient to let them know.  Well, guess I’ll tell him when I see him.  The ghost will probably remind me.  It’s really bad when they have to remind me to do other things, like stop for a moment but they do.  One of my oldest and dearest dead friends has been so worried about me that he let me know he was around the other day.  Most of you know who John is especially if you’ve read my book.  It was nice hearing from him if only for a moment. 
Keep a good thought for me. 
Da Juana