I’m glad that I see ghosts.

One thing that I’m sure of and that is that I’m glad that I see ghosts.  Not only that but that they continue to communicate with me.  One special ghost was my friend but I’ve always seen thousands of them, sometimes all at once.More...

It’s a very special gift to be able to commune with the other side.  And I’m quite proud that I’ve got that ability.  Ghosts keep me company but that also means I’m never alone.  Think about that one for a second. 

They can be humorous and serious, angels and prophets and so much more.  All the personality that one had on this side he or she retains on the other side.  So you get such a variation of people visiting, some you’d never think would be in your home, if they were what we consider live.

You see I know we never die.  That’s just one of the things I’ve learned by my relationship with ghosts.  Also, I know that I like them being with me.  Sort of like having a living, can’t say breathing, encyclopedia to help you along.

Being psychic doesn’t mean you’re a medium and can communicate with the other side.  Being psychic means you have special gifts, which are not being downplayed here because I’m a psychic too.  But being a medium is something that is very, very special.  I’m thankful each day for the ability to see and talk with my lost relatives and pets, not to mention all the others.

I guess this is a tribute for my ghost friends, even if I haven’t met them yet.  This morning it occurred to me what a lucky person I am to have them in my life.

Da Juana