I’m going to mention the three dimensions theory

Well, today I’m going to mention the three dimensions theory which I see as the next great adventure for travel and study. And although I won’t go into the dimensional theory in depth, I will mention that it describes, among other things, location.

Off the physics and mathematics now although physics has now caught up with what I have known for many years and that is there is more to the states of matter than physicists have thought, which explains my medium and psychic abilities. And I mean this sincerely, “Oh, Joy!”

But on to what I want to share. The other day while having lunch at my home with a friend, another dimension (location) decided to open and allow me to see what was behind that dimensional wall (really, a wall of energy).

I’ve noticed a number of people, animals and other items move about between these dimensional walls for a couple of weeks now (actually longer but they’ve wanted me to take notice more at this time). The usual animal or person gets my attention but seems to be an everyday occurrence. So, I take note but haven’t taken exceptional indication until my visitor at lunch.

My friend had made a visit to the bathroom after eating. While she was gone, the inter-dimensional visitor made a quick appearance, then disappeared but made me question the act.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not new to inter-dimensional viewing because that’s what I do with those on the other side but this one was certainly unique, especially since I could reach out and touch at arm’s length.

To my right a wall of energy opened. That’s when an animal with a head about as big around as I can comfortably hold my arms apart in a circle with about another two and a half feet separating them. This animal was brown with lizard like eyes which looked scaly only in a circle around the eyes. The skin was brindle colored for lack of a better explanation and I knew it would feel silky to the touch. Her head was sort of round but with triangular points much like a poisonous snake’s head but not quite. Her neck was about as thick as the bottom part of her head. Her eyes were yellow and brown. She only stuck her head and neck out through the portal but I could tell she was enormous.

Did I mention she was only an arm’s length from me?

When she emerged from the portal she was looking straight ahead as if she were going to march through but then her left eye moved towards me and spotted me. I couldn’t tell you about the other eye because it was on the other side of her head. Intelligence shown in her eyes as one living form does with another and she quickly retreated back through the wall with the energy wall filling back in as it was before it opened and leaving me to think.

Okay, before you get the white coats out and say Da Juana’s gone over the edge, please know, that even this is hard for me to fathom. By that I mean she was not in spirit because there is a subtle difference sometimes in the manner in which I see spirit versus spirit within a physical body but not much. She was physical.

Just sharing.

Da Juana

P. S. If you don’t think I’m too far out you may like to see other things I’ve written about extraordinary events at www.ghoststalk.com.