Imagine being the last one of your kind.

Imagine being the last one of your kind. Realize that since you’re the last one of your spiritual race there’s no one left who feels exactly as you do. Let that soak into your mind for just a moment. Lonely, isn’t it?

Being a practicing psychic and medium is much the same. Sometimes we may go a lifetime without seeing another of our kind even though everyone in the world is psychic but not everyone is a medium. Unquestionably though, not everyone is sure enough of themselves to be professional psychics and mediums.

Much of my life was spent being quiet about my spiritual abilities until I felt I could no longer remain silent. Don’t get me wrong. I love being the professional psychic and medium I am but whether professional or not that is my life. As I’ve mentioned before it’s like breathing to me.

And even though I love what I do, I’ve felt like the last of my kind on many occasions especially once others find out what I do. Then it’s as if I’m on display. And believe me when I say I don’t really mind being on display because I came here to teach others about spirituality and being able to use their own gifts. It’s just that at times my human side wants to be liked for who I am.

But sometimes it can be a little harrowing. Either people accept me quickly for telling them what I am or they step back a moment as if I grew horns though they were deep in appreciative conversation with me only a moment ago.

Thank God I found my psychic sister, Connie, right after I came out of the psychic closet. When we’re together we don’t even have to speak although we’re both very talkative. She understands what it feels like to be the last of your kind even though we’re not. We find ourselves finishing each other’s sentences, her more than me, because I tend to be quieter when someone else is speaking unless I’m drinking a little. Then I can be louder than her. We don’t have to worry about someone hanging on our every word and then questioning us about what it means. We don’t forget what we are but when we’re together we can play and act like those who don’t think they’re psychic. And for that I’m grateful.

As with all friends regardless of whom they are, Connie tries to help me live a better life and gives me advice free of charge and, most often, without my asking. But isn’t that what a good friend does?

She tells me I need to get out more. Again she’s right but I’m more comfortable with my dogs at home. Sometimes it’s easier to go with comfort than to go for an adventure which should really be my forte since I have an Aries moon.

I’ve always known that I was different than others because of my esoteric ideas. For so long I lived without anyone alive and like me with whom to be friends. So, I’ll probably take her advice because I’m psychic enough to know that she’s right.

Does your friend give you advice when they think you need a friendly kick in the butt? See it doesn’t take a psychic.

Da Juana

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