Imagine country singer Trace Adkin’s sound-alike voice coming from a big brown-haired man…….

Imagine country singer Trace Adkin’s sound-alike voice coming from a big brown-haired man who stands six-four or five in cowboy boots with beautiful big hands who doesn’t mind holding yours, wraps you in a real bear-hug and makes you feel cared for. You’ve just psychically seen my Valentine.

Bet you didn’t realize that creating someone in your mind’s eye was psychic, did you? But it is. To add to your picture, this country man is intelligent, has pretty glistening eyes when he’s about to put one over on you but he generally warns you first and he’s thoughtful of others. Not only this but he’s spiritually minded and doesn’t even realize or try to inflict on others just how much so he is.

Take his choice in Valentine’s gifts for me and believe me he made me feel wanted. To say his voice is enough is true but he adds to it by being considerate, kind and loving. I’m not used to receiving gifts but that’s something I have to become used to when I’m with him. He cooks for me which I love and does special little considerate things that I’ve never had done before but I digress.

Rather than give you a rundown on my love life this is about one of the gifts I received that reminded me of my spirituality without his even being aware; a pair of silver earrings. He has such a love for our Lone Star State of Texas that he notices anything having to do with it and that’s what he got me. They are circles with a five-pointed, one point up and two down, star in the center. Although reticent to accept them I instantly loved these different looking earrings.

It wasn’t until later when telling a friend what I’d received from him that the full impact of the jewelry hit me. While explaining the gift to her someone on the other side reminded this medium of when I’d first emerged from the psychic closet. While meditating one day I saw a circle chasing a five-pointed star across the path of my vision. At one point they linked up just as the two earrings I’m wearing as I write this. When they became one, without hesitation or feelings of ignorance, I inquired as to what this meant. Immediately the same voice I heard originally explain again explained that it was God and man coming together as one. It meant that we were part of God just as He/She was part of us. The spiritual significance of these symbols hadn’t been lost to me but I realized that perhaps I’ve taken it this memory and thought for granted, something I try to refrain from doing.

One thing I’m sure of is that God with all his assistance from the other side will always remind us from where we came and that’s not done with superiority either. It’s just a matter of fact lesson that can come from anywhere or anyone. So, when you get a gift such as this, thank God.

Da Juana

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