In my belief there are spirits, animal or otherwise, who come to earth simply…

In my belief there are spirits, animal or otherwise, who come to earth simply to help you in making choices in which you learn spiritually.

Some may even give up their lives as food so that you can exist. They include cows, chickens, other meat products and even that salad you love. Those souls do so willingly and come here with knowledge that they may end up as food, much like my little pig, Suzy, did when I was very young.

That piglet escaped death by my mother’s loving hands when she put the baby into the oven (don’t laugh) to warm up the frozen little beast. Then mother poured warm milk down that baby’s mouth as soon as she started stirring. Suzy followed mother around while she washed clothes and hung them on the line. But that wasn’t all she did. This now large sow ripped the clothing down as soon as mother hung it if mother wasn’t quick in pushing the line up high enough she couldn’t get to it.

To say that we were the only family with a pig who walked through the house was an understatement especially in a town where farmers ate the very animal who was our pet. My daddy, for many reasons, one of them being that he loved her too much and a farmer can’t love livestock, and being the farmer he was, decided that a time had come to butcher the pig. He did.

My mother left him shortly thereafter and guess what; the animal meant for food wasn’t eaten by any of us. When mother served her that evening the little psychic I was asked, with tears in my eyes, if this was Suzy. After getting an affirmative answer, I announced I wouldn’t be eating Suzy to which both brothers chimed in they wouldn’t either. Then my mother pushed her plate away and daddy couldn’t even lift the fork to his mouth. An uncle filled his freezer with our friend. So she didn’t die for naught as country people refer to it. And though she wasn’t food on our table she did leave a legacy in spiritual food form.

That was a memory where an animal gave one pause in life so that you remember the incident very well and the choices made, just like another little baby who I met. She was a beautiful little Yorkie who had my astrological sun, moon and ascendant and was about two months old when she was injured in front of me and subsequently had to be put down. That puppy made an indelible statement when she died and helped me make a decision that had been needed for years.

Or take the time when my sweet Muffin died. I watched as her soul turned into an eagle and took flight. Then it came down in puppy form moving round my feet. The only problem with that was that she was not her beautiful gray self but was instead a black and brown puppy. When I made a statement acknowledging the change and right before the time I looked at a picture of her as a puppy, she immediately answered me as the medium I am, stating that she was reborn. And you guessed it. I’d forgotten that she was black and brown as a very young age.

Some of the most profound answers and choices in my life have come through the pleasure of a pet and sometimes when it’s not so pleasant. I do believe they come into our lives for spiritual reasons.

Da Juana

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