In the movie, Avatar, I saw a ghost.

In the movie, Avatar, I saw a ghost. So, what’s unusual about that? Well, it was the manner in which she appeared. They never fail to amaze me but she really got my attention.

By the way, if you love science fiction movies with great special affects as much as I do, you ought to go see this one. It won’t let you down.

At any rate, I was at the top of stadium seating that would hold about three hundred and still wasn’t close to the ceiling. When I sat down with popcorn, just have to have movie popcorn, and a coke, real one, I saw movement and looked up at the ceiling and to my right. She was racing away from me in a fashion not consistent with lady-like manners. Her dress was flowing downward so that if you had a mind to, you could see all the way up to the movie screen, if you know what I mean? She had long flowing hair and was moving quite rapidly.

This lady stayed on my mind because of the manner in which she moved, not because she was a ghost. So, I told my friend Sandra about her and casually commented to myself that I wondered why she appeared like that. Instantly, I was rewarded with her voice telling me that I was in a movie theatre after all and she was going all Hollywood on me. And she was right. She did. You can probably imagine now just how she appeared.

Da Juana