It doesn’t take a psychic to know……

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  I know we did.  And I didn’t even stuff my mouth too much but we still have turkey.   

The other day I was a line at the post office when a friend of mine came in.  This man is a very special man, married to a very special woman.  We met some years ago and I fell in love with her at first sight.  She is like an old-washed blanket that still makes you feel secure when you wrap up in it.  Anyway, back to my story.  Her husband was originally from a country in South Africa and he has the most beautiful accent.  You would just love it. 

Well, when he got into line behind me, I turned around, noticed it was he and gave him a big hug.  Then I asked what his wife was doing for Christmas.  She believes in Christmas.  He is a Muslim.  He told me that she was going out of town for Christmas and that he was staying home because he had work to finish. 

We talked about how the world looks at differing religions in the post office line.  He told me how at his original home Christians and Muslims celebrated together in their own way.  Both of us have had many conversations on religion and how they are closely related but also how people within certain religions wage war on one another.  In his native home, they love one another and celebrate together.  Isn’t that Christ like? 

As we talked, I happened to notice an older woman standing close to us that kept leaning in to hear a little better.  Finally I asked her if our conversation was bothering her.  She replied it wasn’t but continued to lean in to hear.  It hit me that no matter how old you are, you can always learn something new.  Isn’t life wonderful? 

Happy Coming New Year 

Da Juana