It isn’t often that you get to lie by the Gulf of Mexico…

It isn’t often that you get to lie by the Gulf of Mexico with someone you care for and just feel the wind, sun and warm breeze. But I got to do it in the friendly town of Destin, sweetly called “The Redneck Rivera.”

Let me mention that if you ever get a chance to go there, then do so. The water is beautiful and the white sand beaches are cool to the feet with just the right amount of traction for an early morning walk or the late night crabbing escapade. People are friendly and come from everywhere.

For me sitting on my balcony watching and hearing the waves roll in was the epitome of great time to spend. This medium and psychic found that reading my book, not people, was a great change of pace. I enjoyed every minute although I did get around to doing some readings for people I thought might need them. Doing that is part of my daily life though and to show my gratefulness that I have my gifts.

Only one thing mired my otherwise great time and that was the cold I shared with my friend. Obviously, we’re both giving people even though until this I’d thought I have problems with receiving gifts from others. I did learn better because after three weeks he’s still sniffling and I know that my nose is still stuffy. Not even that could deter the wonderful time we had though.

Just one more time. If you ever get the chance, go to Destin.

Da Juana

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