It’s always nice to hear from your father….

It’s always nice to hear from your father and it’s great when you hear from him after he’s died. I’d much rather have him here on earth but since I can’t, I’ll take the conversation after death.

My being a medium is a gift that I treasure even more nowadays. I’ve always loved helping others with my talent but now that my father, brother and another cherished little dog have gone, At times such as these, I thank God even more for my ability.

Ghosts are a part of my life just as breathing is for other folks. And lately I’ve had a few around that get my attention more than others but the one that commanded my attention is when my father called me “baby” the other day and told me that he’d handle a challenge I had in my life at the time. And he did.

To hear him say “baby” brought both joy and sadness at the same time. His voice had such kindness in it when he uttered the word just like he had been doing for the past year or so. My father knew he was dying. We both did. After so many years of being so stoic he finally mellowed and called me baby a few times which made it all the more important to me.

When he urged me on to complete the events I needed to do the other day by prefacing his words with that wonderful term of endearment I listened just a little more closely because he got my attention. Sometimes because of all the ghosts around the clutter of voices is overwhelming so I just ignore them but when my father spoke, tears came to my eyes and I listened.

The matter he was helping me with has resolved itself and I’m grateful to him. Hopefully, I’ll hear him call out to me soon and I’ll listen to his words of wisdom one more time.

Da Juana