It’s amazing how animals such as dogs and cats recognize ghosts.

It’s amazing how animals such as dogs and cats recognize ghosts. This weekend I saw direct results from a kitty on this very topic.

You know how kittens are. They’re curious to a fault. Like human babies they smell, taste and touch everything even harmful items which you know all us mothers can’t stand.  But dads on the other hand will allow the baby kitty the opportunity to find out if something shouldn’t be touched.

I’m all mother telling the kitten don’t touch that even though I know the brain doesn’t hear a negative such as “don’t or can’t.” Instead it tells you to go right ahead. As a matter of fact, “charge into it.” If you don’t believe me then don’t think of a pink elephant with purple spots. Gotcha!

At any rate the kitty was getting a lot of be careful, that bug will bite and you know you’re not supposed to go that far into the yard. While playing she became really skittish especially when she’d chase her favorite new prey, a grasshopper, past an imaginary point I’d set for her. Then it didn’t matter whether her quarry was getting away, she’d turn and race back under mother’s chair, like a good baby should. I was very proud.

Later that night, while she and I sat playing and watching television, her head jerked around to notice one of the friendly ghosts who’d helped to keep this young cat in line so that I didn’t have to run after her each time. As soon as she witnessed his walk across the room, she turned to look at me quizzically. I answered that “yes” I saw him too.

My friend who’d been watching from the sofa inquired what was said to which I answered nothing really. When we spoke later and he mentioned her being skittish at my set imaginary line I told him that I’d requested help from the other side and they didn’t mind. Also I mentioned that she’d seen another in the house. He just looked at me and listened. His brow furrowed in thought which he does a lot with me. Whether he believes me or not he’s seen the evidence from her behavior.

Da Juana

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