It’s amazing how much dogs mean to your happiness and wellbeing

It’s amazing how much dogs mean to your happiness and wellbeing.

My two keep me laughing constantly but they also create a bit of concern. Most of the time, they’re fine but you let one little cough happen and you’re the mother again, worried about your baby.

Madeline is learning to play, something Mysti never taught her. Mysti was a royal and couldn’t be concerned with her little sister unless she was trying to get her into trouble.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, loves to play. Her play consists of biting Madeline’s feet, legs and toes with the occasional throat bite coming into play. Madeline ignores the foot and toe biting as well as she possibly can although Schnauzer’s, because of their breeding, have neuropathy which brings considerable pain. And no, I don’t know this from a medical prospective just from my psychic one.

At any rate Madeline tries to play in the manner Gabrielle loves which means the jump in, bite, quick retreat, and go back in for the kill. Madeline has figured out that if she drops to the floor and hides her legs under her that she can get a well-placed, neck, really a love, bite in too.

She did this the other day and little Gabrielle, who bites Madeline considerably more than Madeline ever does her, coughed, got a look of, “Oh God,” in her eyes and ran to mother to tattle. Don’t think dogs don’t tattle. I see it almost daily from the little white one.

Confusion hit Madeline’s eyes. Of course mother said to the baby, whose birthday is tomorrow, “What’s wrong baby?” Then Gabrielle ran and got the required love.

Madeline looked at Gabrielle adoringly and said, “Isn’t she beautiful, mother?”

That’s the way it is around our house and they’re the joy. The three of us live happily.

Da Juana

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