It’s funny how ghosts communicate…..

It’s funny how ghosts communicate that they’re around. I’ve seen them in so many ways that you’d think I would know them all by now but communication with the other side is about as infinite as the universe. They never cease to amaze me in their exchanges with me.

You know I’m grieving the loss of my brother, my father and my dog, Mysti. Even though I’m a medium and can still communicate with them, the physical, mental and emotional loss is great. At the most unexpected times I’ll receive a message from one or all. (A little teaching here! If you haven’t thought about a dead loved one in a while and suddenly you do for no apparent reason (Forrest Gumpage), then you’re more than likely getting a quick message from the other side.) At any rate I’m very happy that I can keep in touch with them and they with me.

Mysti came calling the other day even after reincarnation again (redundant I know but true-we reincarnate again and again). That’s a lesson for another day.
While working in my office a couple of days ago I saw movement to my left. Oh, I know. You think it was one of my other dogs but you’d be wrong. They were in another room. At the same time I saw the movement, I heard and saw her walking towards me. She was just there to say hello. How do I know that? She told me. A smile lit my heart and I could feel my aura embracing the hug from her.

Another family member got my attention this morning while I was griping about my new dog, Gabrielle. She had just gone outdoors to spend a little early morning quality time and had just done her business; the whole package, if you know what I mean. This little one is having serious separation anxiety. She’s afraid I’ll either give her away, like her other mother or that she won’t get enough attention. Madeline loves her and so do I…..but….. she wants all my attention.

Well, Madeline wanted to play a little ball first thing in the morning and she has a favorite one, her white one. I picked it up to throw and noticed that Gabrielle looked at me as if I’d just hurt her to the core. Madeline went for the ball and Gabrielle disappeared. Then she ran for her jail really a kennel but you get the drift. When I noticed her trot to the bedroom, I knew she had done something I wasn’t going to like. Of course Madeline stopped and showed me the very small package Gabrielle had left on the floor (didn’t think she had it in her) because I dared give someone else the attention.

Like any good doggy mother I opened the door to her jail and gave her what she wanted. Then I went back into the den griping all the way. You could hear my explanation that she doesn’t get enough love that she needs because she has to act out in this manner and on and on. I told Madeline that she needed to take care of this. Reiterating that the rest of us don’t leave that sort of thing on the carpet I turned to Madeline and that’s when I smelled the odor of Brut Cologne. How many years had it been since I’d breathed that fragrance?

My brother wasn’t on my mind at that time of the morning and in the moment I was having with my dogs but there he was just the same. Brut was the aroma of choice for my teenaged brother. The last time I’d seen him after his death he’d come to me as a teenager and I guess he was just reinforcing that image one more time.

Guess I need the hugs right now because two spirits I love gave me that moment of peace, happiness and the amazing unrestrained manner of love. You’ve heard me say it before and you’re hearing me again. “Thank God I’m a medium and a psychic.”

Da Juana