It’s funny how ghosts work to remind loved ones they’re still around.

It’s funny how ghosts work to remind loved ones they’re still around.

Being the psychic and medium I am I take for granted sightings of ghosts because I’m so used to them unless they do something completely out of the ordinary.

Also, most of the time, unless you’re standing right in front of me and I know you’re physical I might mistake a spirit in body as one without especially when doing readings. At that time we all look the same except for physical attributes one might have. Sometimes they’ll preface when I start to tell a person about them that they’re actually dead but unless they do I still think of us all as alive, which we truly are.

Yesterday, however, I was the one being told about an incident involving my new acquaintance’s dead husband. She mentioned how a little five-to-seven-year-old-girl whom she didn’t know had come into her office. Without batting an eye the child immediately said to the woman, “I know you miss ‘her husband’s name.’”
She told me that tears welled up in her eyes and the child questioned innocently why she was crying.

My answer to this woman was that she got one of the greatest gifts from a child. Her husband sent the child with a message that he knew she still missed him and that there was love.

I love this kind of message.

Have you got any of these stories to share?

Da Juana

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