It’s my birth month.

WooHoo!  It’s my birth month.  Generally around your birth month things start happening….and boy have they….not all good but…..More...

You know this has been a year for me but it seems to have been for everyone else too.  Our economy makes almost everyone yearn for yesteryear.  Happenings around the world affect others in mirror images.  That’s not always the optimum longed for advantage that we in the United States have had for so long.  We truly are our brother’s keeper whether we live in Europe, Africa, The Americas or any other continent. 

No matter what’s going on around the world, my birth month, October, brings cooler days and nights with a hint of what autumn has in store and I love it.  Brisk mornings, trees changing colors, well sort of here in Texas, a hint of fall and renewed energy bring on some joyous days. 

Renewed energy is what most get around their birthdays.  Sometimes, it’s something that can cause trouble if you let it.  It’s always made me get wanderlust.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to retard the wanderlust but I won’t allow anything to ruin this month for me.  At least I hope not.

Oh, Connie’s birthday is the twelfth and Debra’s is this month too.  Guess I should shout out to them too. 

Da Juana