It’s nice to visit family and friends

It’s nice to visit family and friends who live a distance from you but its oh-so-good to come home again too.

Perhaps it’s my age, you know twenty-something, that makes me a little tired after returning home or it could be because my daughter, whom I just visited, kept me up all night each night I was there. At any rate, I’m feeling all of my twenty-something years.

Even after my workout this morning, and my trainer put me through it, I came home, got coffee, sat down with my dogs before beginning my day and instantly fell asleep before my cup was half empty. Coffee is supposed to keep you awake, isn’t it?

The visit was wonderful though and I got to see my grands who are growing leaps and bounds. The oldest one is a little over an inch taller than me and he’s only eleven. My youngest comes to my waist and he’s only four. His mother got the height in our family because she’s taller than me too. And though their father is tall, our boys will be taller. Think they got it from my brother, Allen, who died three years ago. He was six-four.

My little sweet mother came to see me too. We had fun and the visit was too short. I miss them all dearly. And when I recover from this last family holiday, I’ll probably do it again.

Da Juana

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