It’s raining.

It’s raining.  Again.  But we need it.  Not to mention, I love rainy days, especially when you can sit down, snuggle under a warm soft blanket, the kind that Madeline, my dog, loves and read your favorite author’s book.More...

If only.  Most of us have work to do and, therefore, can’t take that relaxing, wonderful time for something so enjoyable.  Women tend to do for everyone but themselves.  It’s true.

That’s thought was something I was really debating today while going out into the rain to run errands and then returning to sit down and work.  I could feel my favorite spot on the sofa calling.  The darkened sky and the gently falling rain.  A call to mediation if I’ve ever heard one. 

Working out of your home makes it more unlikely that you’ll take that time to relax.  I’m constantly jumping up and down to run do this or take that out of the dryer, then racing back to get on the phone, then trying to make dinner, taking more out of the washer, giving a reading, writing for the websites and giving Claude a well-deserved hug while Madeline is tugging on my leg for her hug too.  Whew! 

Can you hear the sofa whispering?  I think I hear it saying come here.  Yeah!  I’m almost sure of it.  Washing and working will just have to wait for twenty minutes or so.  I’m enjoying my life.  Yeah!  That’s right.  Power or is that rest a moment for women?

Da Juana