It’s time once more to say, “Happy New Year.”

It’s time once more to say, “Happy New Year.” We’re fast, really fast, approaching 2012.

I don’t know if it’s only me but this year seems to have flown by. It’s been a good year and also a little less than happy at times but mostly it’s been wonderful.

It seems to me that 2011 has been fraught with changes. Change is inevitable but this year seemed to be one of reflection on change as well. It’s almost as if we’re preparing for the years to come instead of really enjoying where we’re currently residing.

Anxiety seems to be underlying but prevalent in our mass conscious. It’s like a toddler taking those first unsteady, fearful steps filled with hope of being able to run one day.

I can feel anticipation finally creeping into our minds along with trepidation. It will get better. “Believe and we can achieve” sounds simplistic but it’s true. When we create a strong mental attitude and others join our mindful state, our lives are better and we create a better atmosphere in which to live.

For 2012, think great and we’ll have it.


Da Juana

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