It’s unreal to feel a ghost you loved……

At times each of us takes life for granted but when you’re a medium, like me, it’s unreal to feel a ghost you loved is available to you all the time. And I do, sometimes, forget that being able to communicate with the other side is something not everyone does.

Those on the other side, like us, are capable of making a conscious decision as to what they want to do and where they want to be. Only for them, they’re wherever they wish to be with only a thought. As the medium I am, I know that ghosts have choices to make and aren’t always around as we who are “living” might like. They’re not at our beck and call.

With that said, ghosts come in and out of my life and home as if it were Grand Central Station. Like a mother with a screaming child, I tune them out, sort of. (It’s a low roar in my ears always.) I know they’re there but don’t look to see who it is or what they’re doing unless they do something to get my attention. And, thankfully, they do.

While eating lunch with a friend the other day both my friend and I got a surprise. We were sitting at the table talking when she admitted a little discomfort by exclaiming, “Who’s touching me?”

Yeah, she does know what I do and took her own life in her hands by visiting me but she didn’t expect them to bother her. Wrong! Immediately upon allowing those words to leave her mouth, she touched her leg and said it was as if someone was applying gentle pressure to one spot on her leg and not just once. She mentioned that she’d tried to overlook it the first time but the second time made her want to mention it in a hurry. And though she knows I fool around with ghosts, I don’t think she thought being around me would bring such touching joy to her. (I’m being nice here.)

Upon hearing her explanation, the first words that came to my mind was that it was Mysti, my baby dog, just dropping in to say hi. Because she knew I take so much for granted, she decided to touch my friend in the same spot she always did with me, when I was sitting at that table, when she wanted to be noticed. My heart welled over for my puppy and for the sweet surprise that even I can receive from the other side.

Da Juana

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