Jared Lee Loughner, the killer in Tucson, Arizona, is my topic for the day

Jared Lee Loughner, the killer in Tucson, Arizona, is my topic for the day. Not that I wanted him to be my topic at any time, you understand, but only because my friend, thank you very much, Cathy, asked me to address Tucson’s killings and in particular, him.

All I’ve got to say is that on a great day for which I’m quite grateful, Cathy made me think of this man psychically. I really didn’t want it but she’s right that I should discuss him.

But before we start, let me mention that I can’t speak for all psychics and mediums, only myself. Working murders doesn’t make me feel as if I need to soak in a hot tub for hours in order to get the psychic filth off but anything having to do with terrorism does especially when the act is something like this. Generally there is passion involved in a murder when the murderer knows the victim but this isn’t the way here no matter what anyone says.

The only manner in which I can explain this situation is this: all life happens for a reason. That reason is to learn in some manner no matter how senseless.

Without glorifying Loughner because I see no redeeming value in what he did, there are some souls who come to earth to teach others lessons although they may do so in horrible methods. That doesn’t mean I believe that his ultimate goal was an informative one for humanity but the universe doesn’t discriminate and uses what it must as choices and, subsequently, actions of any kind present themselves. Hopefully, the lesson is here that we learn not to accept this type behavior from anyone and that we become more familiar with our neighbors.

Choices are what make us who we are. His choice was to go after innocents in order to perpetuate some notion he had. Even if he did come to earth to do what he perceived was a Godly duty, his soul realized that he’d have to suffer the consequences of his actions when those actions were performed. And society dictates those penalties.

Society is quick to say that someone who accomplished these acts is insane for their actions but it’s not always so. The soul knows that it may ultimately have to give up its human body after performing these horrifying deeds. Most souls have already noted the outcome and whether they will have to die for their sins but that doesn’t mean that the choices to do something different aren’t readily available when they are born. He didn’t have to carry through with the act he committed. And, we don’t have to believe him insane.

On the other side, the spirit knows the future as well as the past. All choices spirit has chosen on the other side to be set up as challenges here can be changed simply by making the decision to change and then doing so. The soul appreciates the responsibility it has to mankind. As I have heard again-and-again, “Your rights stop when you reach another’s space.”

Perhaps that is the lesson we should associate with this murderous act and perhaps it’s the heroism of a few and then the rebuilding of a community that should be noted here; not the atrocious act committed.

Once a horrendous action such as this is perpetrated, we should all learn from the event instead of trying to turn our heads away from the deed in horror. We need to remember what’s essential to learn.

Da Juana

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