Jealousy comes in dog sizes…

Jealousy, in our family, comes in the form of a little, ten pound or so, dog.  She has so much love for everyone in the family but she wants none of us to get anything she doesn’t share.  Madeline has the most giving attitude until she thinks that someone else is getting something she’s not privy to.More... 

I know, science says that animals aren’t smart enough to be able to think.  Well, on that subject I don’t agree.  My babies both think.  And Madeline thinks she should have anything and I mean anything that anyone else has. 

Mysti, since she’s been ill and lost so much weight, can’t handle the little imp.  Madeline has always submarined Mysti when she was getting attention but now she knocks our twelve pound puppy into the wall with her aggressive under the stomach, heads up approach. 

Mysti, being the lady she is, has always chalked Madeline’s submarining habits up to lack of social grace but after hitting the wall a few times, I’ve seen my lady of a dog become an arrow in a head out-tail out (and it’s so tiny) position aiming a well intentioned bite at the little one, even though she sometimes has to chase her prey down.  And who can blame her?  The positive side of it though is that they get exercise.

Madeline is also spoiled and thinks, as the youngest child, she should be allowed to do as she pleases without repercussion.  Wouldn’t “The Dog Whisperer” be proud of us now?  When Madeline feels as if she’s had a slight, her Scorpio tongue gets the best of her.  She also puts the bite behind it if her words go unheeded. 

Of course mother yells and her sweet lady of a dog, Mysti, stops but Madeline doesn’t.  She gets the last word and bite in before she gets into trouble. 

Our family, with all our differences and there are many, may be a little dysfunctional but it works.

Da Juana