Jeff Probst did a show on Halloween about fake psychics which you know I had to watch.

Jeff Probst did a show on Halloween about fake psychics which you know I had to watch. Like me, he’s a skeptic.

What you say? But you’re a card-carrying psychic and medium.

Well, yeah! I am. But I’m also very logical and I know there are scammers in this field just as there are in any other line of work making big money. And I am skeptical of what people tell me. Working with law enforcement and doing what I do has made me so. Logic also does but logic after I’ve discounted every way in which something can happen physically also dictates that there is something to what I do metaphysically. I can’t speak for everyone but I can speak for me.

The thing that got me the most about what Jeff said was that he felt extreme guilt for scamming the women he did starting with the first woman. Guilt’s not my feeling but responsibility is. The person with whom I’m reading is my first responsibility and I try to make sure that I remember they’re human and have feelings. My prayer is that I always give the best reading I can and that I refrain from hurting anyone. That can carry huge responsibility. Sleeping at night is important to me and so is my name.

My thought is that Jeff’s feeling of extreme guilt was from the responsibility of his wish to do the very best for others too. He is a very good person who loves hard and can hurt very deeply, which is going to happen in about five years and will be because of a woman. I hate that for him but he’ll be okay.

All I’d have to say is that everyone needs to keep an open mind to events they can’t explain after they’ve exhausted all avenues of logic and to thank God for giving them the gift of being able to experience such events.

Da Juana

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