John McCain

Today I want to mention John McCain.  Since I gave you my psychic thoughts on Hillary yesterday, I’d like to do this for each of the candidates, if I can stand it.  You know them being politicians and all.More...

John McCain is a true hero.  No one can take that away from him.  When I feel him, sounds dirty doesn’t it?, I feel a man who truly cares about the US and the people inhabiting it.  He is one of the most amazing politicians, and you know what I think of them, that I feel psychically.  His intelligence is off the charts and he has common sense to as Hillary does.  There’s a certain amount of anger in this man at those he considers less informed than him, that would be me, but it is a hidden anger.  He understands that we don’t all know the facts and he tries to bring them out for us if only we’d listen.  Mr. McCain had to learn through experience how to keep his cool and he still uses that ability but he also has a truly wonderful heart and would make a very loyal friend.

There are a few issues I don’t agree with him upon but there are some I do.  I’m reminded, however, of one of our great military presidents, Eisenhower, who said military men belong in the Pentagon not in the white house, or something to that effect.  Mr. McCain has my respect for his service to this country both in the military and as a long-standing senator.  Besides, he has a wonderful older woman ghost whose right there with him on the campaign trail.  She’s hippy and I don’t mean a flower child either and he probably got some of his spectacular decision making intelligence from this woman.

Just tell you what I hear.

Da Juana