Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash taught me a valuable lesson, not through his music but, after he died.  You’ve read how he came to me and asked me to do something for him but I don’t think I told you what he did for me. More... 

All of you know that I’m a psychic/medium with preference on the medium part since I’ve spoken with, and frequently argued with, people on the other side.  That brings me back to Mr. Cash.  After he’d been around our home for about three days, I finally really took notice of him, learned his identity and refused to do what he asked of me.  Then I learned my really valuable lesson. 

That lesson was that I’m not only a medium for those of us considered still alive but also for those considered dead.  He also taught me that it doesn’t matter who the person is because he said I was prejudiced against celebrities.  I didn’t think I was because I’m not prejudiced but he was right.  Kind of like the bad guy, and I won’t go into that now, ghost who visited and told me that it was my business to help both dead and live alike.  This man wanted help right then and he said I’d made the agreement to come here to help others.  Even though I hate to admit it, he was right too. 

The other side has taught me so much that I really owe them a debt of gratitude.  And I’d like to say right now, “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.”

Da Juana