Today while traveling by car, I reveled in some of the most gorgeous greenery and the most unexpected Jonquils. They were in patches sometimes few and far between but they looked wonderful to someone traveling for a few hours. When I see sights such as these I start to wonder about how they got there because those type flowers are not something you find growing wild. Generally they had to be planted.

Some of the patches were larger than others and I had to look at the people who had planted them. One especially large patch made me take a psychic look. I can still see a big boned lady, with her hair pulled back in a bun, and in a floral dress bent over tending them. She didn’t even look my way. Those flowers took all of her attention as they did mine. Bet she didn’t know that she would have a woman pass by one day on the interstate and see her beautiful handiwork. My thanks goes out to anyone who plants those first harbingers of spring. And well, and other flower. I do love them.

Da Juana