Joy comes in small snippets throughout life.  Those small scraps can run together to make life one endless reason for joy.  Little things can make you smile such as: watching those small, medium and larger sized treat or treater’s last night.  Even some pets enjoyed the parade of homes in their own finery.  Each one was dressed in a different costume and I got to examine them all and handed out treats to each.  That’s one small piece of joy. More... 

Watching Mysti, as a puppy, chase leaves, in our windy climate, up the drive is another one of those mysterious moments of joy that can be remembered and delighted in over and over.  Seeing her and her sister kiss is another.  And watching her play today after being in the emergency room last weekend with the E R doctor reminding me she doesn’t have long to live.

Hearing Claude laugh, which is certainly not as often as he used to, but nevertheless is rewarding in itself because he has a beautiful laugh. 

Just watching a butterfly, wasp or any other kind of industrious insect work is joy.  Listening to a friend is a wonder.  Life really is a wonder.  Think about it.  Something started from sperm and cell can lead to something so extraordinary.   

We can choose to be depressed about life and see only the bad things that happen or we can choose to revel in the small victories and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that life is the truest form of spiritual lesson.  Being positive and living with joy even in the bad times will truly elevate your spirit.

Da Juana