Just stupid!

A friend of mine sometimes, when she is angry with her husband, says, “Oh, he is just stupid.” She doesn’t mean that he is stupid. She just means he doesn’t understand women.

I don’t like the word stupid because my father called me that when I was a child. Though I knew I wasn’t and that daddy really didn’t mean it, that word left an indelible impression upon me along with the words, “shut up and that n…… word some people like to use.” Some words just shouldn’t be but then we humans would make up others that sound just as bad.

My friend, though, doesn’t mean for stupid to sound bad. She just thinks that men don’t know women. Only women, especially close women, know other women. There is a bond between women whether we know each other or not. We remember when we had no rights other than to serve and have children. Children aren’t bad and I don’t mind serving since that is what I came here to do but…..there are times when I need a good woman friend to understand.

Da Juana