Just the other day, a friend called me a tree hugger.

Just the other day, a friend called me a tree hugger. And I am but I also hug a lot of other items in this world including him. I took only momentary offence because that name’s much better than some of the ones I’ve been called.

Later I started thinking that it would be better if there were more tree huggers in the world today. My reasoning is because there are so many allergens out there now and because without those lovely trees or plants animal kind can’t breathe. With more cleansing plants, we’d have less greenhouse gases (an oxymoron).

People like to quote the Bible with the words that man is the steward of our planet. Really? To quote Lee Marvin, we’ve mucked it up. Greed makes the world go round. What’s a few breathing problems for our grandchildren as long as we’re economically great now?

So, yeah, I’m a tree hugger but I’m not as zealous as I should be. We should be screaming to the top of our lungs, kept viable by the trees you hug, to the powers that be, both Democrats and Republicans, to stop the “guess the pea under the cup” mentality. We’ve got their number now and we’re holding everyone responsible, even ourselves. Make our world a better place.

Have you hugged a tree today?

Da Juana

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