For ten years before Claude had a stroke, he rarely had dreams.  That’s because he rarely slept.  Really, rarely slept.  That is one of the reasons he had the stroke.  And he didn’t hit REM sleep when he did go to sleep for a couple of hours.  So there was no relaxation of his muscles and he never had dreams.  

After his stroke Claude was put on differing meds to improve his life and stop other strokes because they say that if you have had one stroke, you will more than likely have another.  Not something to look forward to.  And you know Claude had the rarest of strokes, a bilateral which took most of his sight.  All the complications from this stroke created antidepressant drugs, sleeping drugs, you name it.  Not too long ago, some of the standard prescribed drugs gave us another wake-up call.  Claude was overdosed taking what he was told to take.  Drugs, by their very name, are something that takes control away from you in my estimate but sometimes are needed.  Finally, he is getting back to what he should be but not before vertigo, falling, completely out of it, confusion, more loss of memory, chest pains and this all happened overnight.  


Well enough of that, on to the reason for my posting today.  But I also wanted you to know what Claude had to go through because of prescribed drugs.  That’s not to say that everyone will have this trouble, but Claude did.  When I took him to the doctor, I was told that the drug cocktail he was taking definitely caused an overdose, something that would have never occurred to me if I hadn’t been psychic because that was the first thing I asked after being up all night long questioning people on the other side.   

Now, on to Claude’s dream.  He had a dream about justice being served, not from the doctor’s prescriptions but from another item that happened about four years ago.  Since he had the stroke, he obsesses more than his Cancer sun sign made him do before the stroke.  Telling me about the dream this morning got me to thinking.  You’ve heard that line before, haven’t you? 

Justice and the manner in which it is handled is a spiritual event in your life.  Knowing that Karma in her infinite wisdom will take care of the situation one day sometimes isn’t enough for us humans.  It’s like the wife or girlfriend that finds out there is another woman.  Sometimes you want to get even.  But that poses another spiritual problem.  The choices you make in the midst of hurts done to you is what makes gives you that step up in spirituality.  And sometimes, like Jesus, it means turning over a few tables.  Just be aware of who has to clean up the turned over table mess.  If it is you, what’s the use unless you need more exercise?  You see I always try to find the good in every situation. 

When someone hurts you, any of your choices can lead you down a differing spiritual path.  For instance, hurting them back might give you instant gratification but may make you have to look at the situation again in another way to see if there is a better method for handling the event.  Telling the instigator how it affected you and thus affected them is another technique but if they’re not listening, you are only helping yourself, which is good but you might get frustrated which leads to another spiritual lesson.  Ignoring the hurt is yet another way, which might keep bringing the same situation up until you face it.  

Another approach is to forgive them and to forgive yourself for allowing this situation, then going on with life.   

Each of these methods all spiritual lessons attached.  But that’s life, one big spiritual lesson. 

Happy New Year 

Da Juana