Ken Lay

Ken Lay, the CEO of Enron, is a perfect example of what stress can do to your health. Every time you saw this man on television, he had his head held high, shoulders back and tried to show a winning smile. This man tried to be strong throughout the mutilation of his company, his trial and public outcry. The stress to all the people who worked with him and lost their life’s savings because the company went belly-up was another added piece of snow to the snowball he was wearing while traveling down a slippery slope. And I think that he was quite disturbed by having hurt others though he tried to look as if he wasn’t. You have to be a monster not to be distressed by all that desolation.


As a psychic, I don’t believe that he walked away from his dying company with the idea that he was glad he had caused pain to thousands of hard working individuals. I do think that he couldn’t handle what had happened but he continued to try to make the most of his situation. When the man finally gave up was when he thought that he would have to spend the rest of his life in prison. He just didn’t know how to handle that. So he escaped it the only way he could. Through his stress he put into motion a heart attack, which would release him from the prison he knew he would have to accept.


That is why I try to teach others to be careful what you say. Jesus said, “That which you speak from your heart is so,” meaning anything you put thought and emotion into will manifest. With Ken Lay, it was worry about being incarcerated more than anything else.


Another item I want to mention is that if you are not working at a job you love, then you are creating a stressful situation in your life. Make a chosen change to the job that you most love and see how your life changes too.


Da Juana