Killdeers are some of my favorite birds. Hopefully I will have some when I find our new home. We have a family of them who nest and let us watch their families grow each year. They are wonderful little birds. I especially love the undying care the mother gives. She will put herself in harms way to protect her little ones.

If you know anything about Killdeers, it’s that they like walking around on the ground. They will fly but it takes something very special to make that happen. When a predator comes after a Killdeer baby, the mother puts herself in it’s path and pretends to have a broken wing. She waits until the predator is almost on her before she will fly away because she wants to make sure her babies are safe. How many human mothers do you know who would give up their life for their baby’s?

These little birds bring great joy while going about their own mundane lives. I thank God that I get a chance to see things such as this. This is truly the joy God meant for us to have.

Da Juana