Knowing who you are…….

Lately, I have really been looking over my life. No, it’s not a mid-life crisis. It’s that I like to do that on occasion just to take inventory of my life. Some items I look at make me proud and others, well, let’s say, I could have done better with.


When I take the time to look over events, I figure out how I can create better times now and ahead for me. That makes a world of difference in my life because it generates a sense of pride (in that I’m trying to make my life better) and gives me insights into how I might be constructive.


Most people comment that it is hard to really look at themselves like that. It’s like looking in a mirror to capture the look you had in a past life, one of the things I tell you about in my book, “Ghosts Talk.” Bet you didn’t know that unless you have read it. Any way, people tell me that it is hard to look in the mirror and when you take the time to look at yourself like I do, it can be hard too. But it is a task that is rewarding. Don’t just look at what you consider bad but notice the good things too. Pat yourself occasionally but don’t wear your arm out. Giving yourself the rare pat will help you keep on going and can put you into a more creative mode. One in which you too can see how you need to change some events or items in your life to become a more spiritual being.


One of the things that I need to change now is something I might be picking up on an empathic level and that is living in the past. Some of those items might include forgiving myself and others might be getting over what I saw and didn’t do. It seems my sweet husband, since the stroke, has been doing that and since I am an empath…..oh, well.


Do as I say do, not as I do. Those sound like good words. Look at yourself and make it better.


Da Juana