Knowledge is a gift that most of us wish to have.  We’ve seen some we know are quite smart and more than a few whom we know are, well, let’s not use the term ignorant, but just not quite as smart as they could be.  That’s it, isn’t it?  Sometimes, lately, I feel like one of those not so smart ones.More...

Learning sometimes comes through books but it’s not the only place.  Awareness can come from some of the most innocuous places.  For instance a mother learns patience through watching and informing a toddler that they’re not supposed to be doing what they are.  Little things really.

Learning from situations is another event where you’re taught through ordinary happenings and experience is really the best teacher, or so they say.  For me, I’d just rather enjoy being smart without some of those nasty little experiences, such as, say, the stroke Claude had and the years following that massive life’s change.  It’s taught us both a lot.  And really, not just us but all our friends too.  Remember that any action causes other actions like throwing a pebble into a pool.  The ripples keep on traveling even after the rock has sunk to the bottom.

We humans come to earth to gain spiritual knowledge just as we do when we’re on the other side.  The soul never dies nor does it quit looking to learn for the sake of spiritual growth.  So, I’ll keep on trying to manage my life in better ways and making good choices, I hope.  One day, on the other side, I’ll review this life and laugh, I hope, at some of the choices I’ve made.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll feel like one of the smart ones.

Da Juana