To me all language is beautiful, whether it be English, Latin, Italian, French or any other type including sign.  When I was in middle school and high school I took both Spanish and French but I’m sorry to say can’t remember as much as I’d like.  I’ve even thought about taking those languages again to become more fluent because of my love for language.  Even now I especially love to hear French spoken and I love to hear the different accents when one who speaks another language, speaks ours.  A past life dream made me remember my roots in China when I heard a language I’ve never heard before that I know of and knew what it was:  Cantonese.  Language communication is wonderful.  In my estimate, looking at the different types is even more wonderful.More...

As you know, I’m a citizen of the United States.  I do love my country; think it’s beautiful and amazing although I don’t always agree with its policies.  But that’s my right as a citizen.  Every country has its own beauty as we all know and I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to travel a little to see some other stunning lands. 

It’s not beauty though that I want to talk about now.  It’s our language.  Before you think I’m about to start picking on certain groups of people, please don’t.  As I told you, I love language.  But I have an outlook and a right to express my opinions, for which Claude says I have a lot.  The United States, at the time it was formed, adopted the English language as it’s native tongue, even though we don’t sound like those from England.

Without going on further, I’d like to reiterate my belief that our national language should remain English but…..I know your sighing deeply now……I also think that we’re a melting pot.  So, as any great country should do, I think the use of other languages are great and good within the United States as long as any citizen of our great country uses English as its number one language.  That includes anyone migrating here.  Being multi-lingual is a good thing to be….. but English is and should remain our primary language.

Just a little editorializing.  Hope you agree.

Da Juana