Last night I had a dream where I was at a party of dead people.

Last night I had a dream where I was at a party full of dead people.  Talk about taking your work to bed with you!  And you know I really don’t believe we ever die, we just keep on going in spirit, like the energizer bunny.More...

Anyway, in the part I can remember, Mysti was there along with a bunch of others who were drinking, talking and generally socializing.  Before you mention it, Mysti didn’t have a drink in her paw.  It was a party at which the dead were enjoying themselves and I was a voyeur except that Mysti was talking with me and I knew the dead knew I was there too. 

It wasn’t that the dead didn’t want to talk.  As you well know, they do that with me each day.  Instead it was something Mysti wanted me to know.  Her tone was matter of fact, just as most of the dead who speak with me, but she also had a softer side too.  She wanted me to know that she was okay, that she was enjoying herself and that she and the others there were worried over my grief.  That’s my Mysti.  She is such a lady.

What’s more, on this experience, I’m not so sure it was a dream.  It could have been an out-of-body experience.  But it left me with a more peaceful feeling. 

Before you go psychoanalyzing me, saying that I’m upset over Mysti’s death, and am dealing with it in the only way I know how, I’ll say that may be true but just like when I died in 1980, I was and am fully aware that I was at a dead person’s party with my little girl telling me they were all worried about me.  That’s not something I want for her.  I want her happy. 

It’s been almost a month since her rebirth and I appreciate that she, along with all the others, took the time to celebrate and let me see it.

Da Juana