Last week I had some dentistry done

Last week I had some dentistry done and am still feeling the effects with sore gums and mouth. For days afterward I’ve bitten the side of my cheek enough to make me quite uncomfortable but have finally gotten a little bit of a break from chomping down and the quick appearance of tears from the pain. You know what I mean.

Perhaps it’s because a friend of mine whom I’ve been teaching the art of the psychic and who is a natural empath has been biting her cheek for the last couple of days. As I’ve told others when you’re around me for any length of time you start to use your God-given talents and it appears she has.

A couple of weeks ago while working out with my trainer I noticed my left knee hurt. It came on so suddenly that I wasn’t aware of what caused it and I knew it wasn’t from the workout. So, I finally asked and heard it was from another friend of mine. When I showed her where it hurt and told her when it started, she laughed and replied that’s exactly what had happened to her.

You might notice the same when you have something appear such as this and you’re sure you haven’t done anything to warrant it. If I’m thinking correctly when something such as this happens the first thing I do now is to ask if it’s mine. If not, I question whose it is.

But telling others can be a little difficult especially if they’re not sure about such things. My trainer smirked when I grabbed my knee, then realized it was my friend’s pain and told him so. He’s seen me do some things that makes him believe in my ability but that seemed a little far-fetched to him until I explained. Now he doesn’t question.

Become more aware of your own empathic skills by noticing your feelings, when and where they occur.

Da Juana

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