Lately, I have a ghost who loves to wake me in the hours between two and four.

Lately, I have a ghost who loves to wake me in the hours between two and four and he does it in a most foul manner. At least it is for me because when I awaken my heart’s pounding and I’m breathing hard.

My sleep is precious to me and it seems that should be the only time this friendly ghost should use the sledgehammer to hit my house but it isn’t. He does it when I’m watching television at night and during the day but the time that gets me the most is when I’m sleeping.

When I say it’s like a huge mallet hitting the house I’m not kidding. Going from a deep sleep to up and ready for flight or fight isn’t easy. It takes a while to calm down and go back to sleep.

Now what’s even funnier is that this playful spirit hits my window at the nightly invasion with such force that it sounds as if he’s striking the brick part of my house. With that amount of pressure the window should break but it doesn’t. Ghosts have a way of doing this without causing any damage. They only get your adrenaline up so that you recognize them.

Many years ago, while living a real solitary life in the country, I had a ghost kick open my front door, knock all the pictures off the wall so that you could hear the glass shattering and hear his footsteps come down the hall to join me and my dead then husband.

When the gun was grabbed from behind where we sat and we ran down the front hall nothing was amiss. But that was supposed to be two intelligent people who heard the same thing at the same time and knew we were being invaded. Moreover if once was good, twice was better because this marauding soul did it again within a few weeks.

Oh, and I could tell him to quit it or acknowledge him in some way but I guess it’s a comfort knowing I’m being watched by spirit as usual.

Da Juana

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