Laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth, besides birds, wind, rain and, well, a bunch of other sounds too. But I love laughter.

For one thing, it relieves stress. Or in my case, like Izzy on Grey’s Anatomy, it can be inappropriate laughter. Say when my husband, Claude, hurts himself. I always ask first if he is bleeding or otherwise needs medical help and then I laugh until tears are streaming from my eyes. I really don’t want him to be hurt and I guess when he does get hurt it brings out the worst of slap stick for me. But I didn’t laugh when he had the stroke. However, I did laugh when he fell out of the hot tub onto the concrete and his head bounced. It scared me so badly and I couldn’t grab his legs to keep him from falling. Just in case you think I am some sort of sadistic weirdo, this was before the stroke. I made it over quickly in the hottub to look down at him and express my concern over whether he needed to go to the doctor. Then I burst into uncontrollable laughter. My poor little husband. I tried hard not to laugh. And I guess it was a stress reliever because I wasn’t the one on the concrete looking up.

Comedy is one of my favorite things. Because comedians make us look at the simplest things like me laughing at my husband’s expense. From a comedic angle everything is scruntized. One of my favorite comedians is Ellen because she is so humble with her comedy. She says her lines with a rhythm out of this world and then lays the laugh line out so easily that you almost listen for more but find yourself in uproarious laughter. Robin Williams has a sense of timing that is incredible and you have to listen intently to his every word.

There are a few things that I think God did extra nice for us. Laughter is one of them. Comedians are another.

Da Juana