Let me tell you about a man I love dearly, my brother

Let me tell you about a man I love dearly, my brother, Allen.  He is one of the most courageous people I know; full of sympathy, love and honor but also someone with a hair trigger temper if you hurt someone he loves.  This man is someone who’d help you when you need it and never think about what he’d done to help.  It is just a matter of fact.More...

A Navy Seal, he served his country and was so proud he did.  He wanted his sons to see the world and take away with them how great a land we live in and he made sure they did. 

At six-four he had a way of looking at the world, which few can see, and his humor lit anyone close with laughter.  His laughter was beautiful and so was that booming voice, “Sister,” he’d call, “What’s happening?”  He was bigger than life even when he was a child. 

My two brothers and me are very close.  We grew up together in a one-parent family.  He was like a brother and a son and I’m so proud to be his sister.  Even as a child, he had a sense of right and wrong with his own values.  One of the characteristics I loved most about him besides being courageous was that if he thought something was right, he’d fight to the death to preserve it.  I saw that attribute many times in our childhood.  Also, he could run like the wind but generally, it was in circles around the house.

Allen had a love of family and was very proud of his wife and sons. 

Over three hundred attended his viewing and then his funeral.  That’s because everyone knew him in a different manner.  They all gave tribute stating that he was their best friend and letting us know that he’d helped them in some manner or other.

I’ve seen him both in dream and in spirit since he died last week and I’ve heard him talking but…….I miss his big arms around me, his warmth and charm but at least I can still communicate.  That’s why I mentioned that you should give up any anger with family so that you don’t have to rely on someone like me later.

Da Juana