Let’s discuss one of my all-time largest spiritual lessons.

Let’s discuss one of my all-time largest spiritual lessons. Because I’m psychic I tend to believe I’m here to help everyone. And, most often, I try to do just that. But there are times when another’s problems are there for a reason and it’s not for you or me to try to change anything they’re doing.

Remember how often I’ve mentioned that the only one you have any control over is you. Well, sometimes I’m too stubborn or too ignorant to think of that one truth. Hopefully I’ve gotten this lesson through my “thick head” as my daddy would say.

Please learn by letting me give you the benefit of my experience. One of my worst and best qualities is my upbeat attitude. I’m the original Pollyanna or close to it anyway. My world always has a cup that’s three-quarters full even on the bad days. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have days that I cry or that I’m upset but I always dissect that time and get back to the reason it happened in the first place. That’s how you learn your spiritual lessons and with a bit of luck are not doomed to repeat those same situations.

But I must have a soft-spot for negative nannies. At least I must think I can help them because I’ve had a few in my life. You know the kind. They find so many reasons not to be happy and they want to make sure no one else is either. Not only that, but when they latch onto you it’s so smothering and insidious that you may not realize you’re being drowned in a sea of their own self-pity until you find that you begin to lose your sense of identity and become more negative too.

Spiritually, you’re here to learn all sorts of lessons but that one seems to be the one I’ve repeated many times.

When you finally break free, you can look back to analyze the time it took to realize and change your life. Then life suddenly becomes great again. Colors are brighter. Food taste better. And, you can look at yourself when you’re no longer under another’s influence to see what needs to be done in your life to make you a better person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

These soul-draining people can be considered friends, family, acquaintances, anyone who has access to you and demands your attention so that you try to help them. You’ve met this kind before. It’s the one who when you feel great can change your mood in a second by being themselves. You, the empath, feels their spirit and become so low suddenly that you don’t even realize why you’ve just dropped from the heights of emotional well-being to the depths.

Being the psychic you are you take on the other person’s spirit without thinking. If you continue to allow this then you become emotionally drained which leads to more problems in your life.

I’m so grateful to be alive, happy and healthy with a modicum of intelligence. My wish is to stay that way. So, any of you negative people who love your situation, stay away from me. My prayer is to have positive, most-often happy (sometimes dealing with life isn’t happy) people around me and I intend to keep it that way.

Da Juana

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