Let’s make this the best New Year ever.

Thought and emotions manifest is my belief. With that in mind, let’s make this the best New Year ever.

From my psychic ability I’ve learned that all prayers are answered and that by creating thoughts and mixing them with high emotions they will occur. So, let’s use that for our best this year. I was going to say without being selfish but it is selfish to want the best for all because it creates a better position for one, kind of like the “Three Musketeers, all for one and one for all.”

If we think in unison about the same event and give it our loving consideration then it will happen. How about we pray with emotion that the problems of the world be solved and that mankind learns to live together with love and harmony accepting each other no matter what they’re belief, race or sex. I know I sound like a flower child but let’s just give it a try. We might see the change coming that makes our world happier.

Da Juana