Let’s take a moment to look at a dog’s psyche.

Let’s take a moment to look at a dog’s psyche. Because I’m an animal communicator, I can tell you that dogs have much the same feelings we do and they also include souls. Moreover, we’re all part of God or whatever Deity you may call upon. With that in mind, I’ll mention that that divine spark consists of All That Is including dogs.

Now, with that said, I know there are those who profess dogs aren’t as intelligent as we are nor that any other animal is either. Have you people forgotten that we’re the animal at the top of the food chain? That is as long as we can keep the power over all others? Well, animals have had to fend for themselves for eons making them quite capable of living. Those, like dogs, have become more dependent on humans because we wanted them that way.

My point is my dogs are like my children. I look at them with the same love that any other soul should get. And here it comes now. The part I really want to mention is those of you, and you know who you are, that feel you’ll keep a puppy or dog until it becomes a nuisance. Would you also do that to a child?

I’ve seen what it can do to a dog to be thrown from one home to another. They try to blend in with the family so that they want get tossed out again but they can’t always figure out what to do in order to stay put. Animals question, just as humans do, how they can be better in order that they can stay in the family to which they’ve been given. Am I not good enough, pretty enough, special enough to have a family? I’ve seen it over and over.

So, before you take on the responsibility of another soul in your family, think first. Will you be able to handle it? Those little eyes looking up at you in adoration are just like a child wondering what’s to become of them if you can’t love them.

Just a thought that I’ve seen manifest more than once.

Da Juana

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