Let’s talk for a minute about the spiritual lesson….

Let’s talk for a minute about the spiritual lesson gleaned from allowing others to do wrong by you or otherwise are ugly to you and how you handle the situation.

I’m sure you think that it’s not that hard to resolve and really isn’t a spiritual lesson. But, it, like all things in life, truly is.

Take into account whether the person is a relative, close friend or work mate before you quickly give your advice as to how one should proceed. Is this person one who is used to getting his or her way without thinking of consequences? Is he or she selfish and expects the same results each time be given without repercussions or a loving person who only demands occasionally?

The reason I’m conversing with you about this is because this situation, one I thought was gone from my life, has risen again. You know that my being psychic most often means I want to help others. However, a spiritual lesson of mine is to think of myself too and not always allow others to run over me in the process.

This lesson entails someone I know who has always gotten all he/she wanted from me and others by being selfish and demanding. This one could be mean, abrasive and condescending in one moment and expect me to give him/her the moon in the next. Since it’s always worked for this being before this individual thinks that it doesn’t matter what’s happened in the past: it only matters that something is needed yet again. This one expects me to use my abilities or anything else at my disposal to give this person what is desired without so much as a “Thank you.”

Now to the spiritual part. It’s according to how I handle the situation as to what my spiritual lesson is. I can give in as I always did. (Not this time!) Even though it tugs at my heartstrings or I can tell him/her to take a hike. Then there’s another choice where I choose to do nothing at all.

Each choice represents a different avenue along the spiritual path. Giving in and allowing the abuse to continue in my life is something I’m no longer comfortable with if I ever was. Allowing it to tug at my heartstrings still works but I’m no longer happy with allowing this individual the ability to manipulate me. Therefore, I choose to do nothing at all because even if I were to explain my thought process to this person, it would allow him/her the opportunity to push those old buttons even more. I’m in no mood for that either because that gives up control of my situation to someone else.

So you can see how even the smallest event in life becomes a spiritual pebble thrown into a metaphysical pond and ripples forever. What would you do?

Da Juana

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