Well, this month my blog seems to be about life’s issues such as taking life for granted.  I’ve always been one that stops and smells the roses until what happened in Claude’s and my life, especially after the stroke.  Take a lesson from my life.More...

Many years ago, when Claude first started working with me, life was hectic.  That’s because Claude felt that we should work very hard-around the clock.  I always have but I’ve also taken time to enjoy or did.  At that time we had a pool—my luxury.  I will work hard and still do but give me a pool and I’ll work even harder.  All so that I can lie on a raft in the water and just meditate.  Listening to the birds singing, feeling the wind and sun is the best sensation in the world to me.  We were always going to get into that fabulous pool but we didn’t often.

It’s not that I resent losing that opportunity.  It’s that I’d like you to learn from my life and do whatever it is that makes your heart sing when you want and while you can.  Claude now mentions that he wishes he’d not taken that time away from us.  Live life without regrets.

Da Juana