Constant learning is what life is all about. New situations, new relationships with old ones falling by the wayside create life in an intellectual and spiritual mode. It has too.

What you say? I like my life just as it is. It’s comfortable. Well, that’s exactly why most often spirituality creates different life experiences. Notice the words, “life experiences.” And boy can they ever be experienced.

Comfort is not really a word that I’d describe for life. A sofa might be comfortable but life certainly isn’t. You might find a certain amount of comfort in friends but why would you need friends in which to find comfort if life wasn’t just a tad uncomfortable.

Complacency, mistaken for comfort occasionally, with life is what creates the anxious feeling that we humans realize right before we attain a valuable life’s lesson. Yes, that’s right. Generally we know when it’s coming. This feeling of unease as if something’s too good to be true or just not quite right takes over. Then “bam” there it is and usually it’s an occurrence that we remember for some time because it hit us so hard.

That doesn’t mean we’re not doomed to repeat that or a similar event just for the spiritual value. “And why would we want to repeat something that devastating,” you retort?

Because we’re human and we tend to repeat life’s trials over and over being the hardheaded, forgetful, compassionate and loving people we are. Hope I didn’t leave any important reasons out. Oh yeah, and sometimes we just allow the guilt, hopelessness and punishment for something we feel we’ve done to deserve a hellish time on earth. There, I’ve said it.

Okay now, deep breath.

It doesn’t matter how many divorces you get or how many times you’ve allowed someone to heap guilt on your already overloaded spiritual system or any other reason for going through life not taking care of yourself. It only matters when you finally have that Oprah, “AH-HA,” moment and decide that you’ve finally learned that it’s okay to look situations over before you leap. And, above all, you can’t help anyone else without first being able to help yourself.

It’s okay to say a resounding, “No,” to those trying to take advantage even if they’ve been with you for a lifetime. It’s okay to give yourself the gift of time because your present time is really all you have. Yesterday is only history and tomorrow never comes. Now is your investment in your future. So create your best NOW. Enjoy and live your NOW.

Da Juana