Life and death……

Today we have very serious subject matter to discuss on a subject which most shy away from:  life and death.  Why would I choose that?  Because it’s been on my mind quite a bit lately and you generally get what’s on my mind.  Mysti is part of the reason that I’ve been talking to the other side and reviewing my thoughts on the matter.More...

Because of who I am, I’ve been mourning prematurely over Mysti mostly but there is more there too.  As a psychic/medium, I see the future and know what’s coming for my babies.  Selfishly, I just hope they do it peacefully, while sleeping, but that’s not always the way it is.  Death is only being reborn into the form our spirits originally were as I told a grieving Kellye about her dog, Brisbane, who died three days ago.  I think that’s part of why this has really made me look at our family.  I realized I was mourning Mysti and missing out on the good parts of our lives together.

Choices are made as to how to live and die.  Each person has to make those choices.  Death is inevitable.  It’s how you live that’s an inspiration to your death.  You know I had a near-death experience while in surgery in 1980.  The doctor questioned me about what had happened and I kept the experience close as a gambler because I didn’t want others to call me crazy.  Missed that boat, didn’t I?  Death isn’t frightening to me for me but it’s not something I can control for others.  I think that’s what most find disconcerting.  They think they have nothing to do with control of their death but……oh, God, you’re going to doubt me now……they do.  Death is a choice, not in the sense of one day you have to go, but as to when.  That’s what I learned on the day I died on the operating table.  We have a choice then too.  It may be on a subconscious, spiritual level but it’s there.  Now, that’s scary, isn’t it?  Knowing that you control the time!

What I’m trying to get across and it may not be in the best manner is that you need to enjoy every moment as if it’s your last.  Make life the best it can be.  Be happy as possible and laugh at life too.  Oh, and you know I believe in reincarnation.  If you don’t get it right in this life, you’ll have to keep on in one manner or another until you do.  So get it right now.  Examine yourself spiritually because life is spiritual and make it good now.  See what my mental wonderings bring to you. 

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